Cell and Gene Therapy Development

My current research at Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult spans data science, bioinformatics and software automation to assist wet-lab scientists develop and improve cell and gene-based therapies. 

Packages for simulating neutral ecology for Python and R

Simulate neutral ecology on spatially explicit landscapes, using a high performance C++ library, but keep all the convenience of using Python and R. See here for more details. 

Long-term effects of fragmentation on biodiversity

How does habitat fragmentation impact biodiversity? How can we measure habitat connectivity in a manner meaningful for biodiversity? We attempt to answer these questions in our Ecology Letters paper. Check out the accompanying blog post.

Testing hypotheses of sampling bias in the fossil record

Can we detect broader biodiversity patterns from the fossil record, and if so, what do they say about how biodiversity changes over time? We test sampling biases in the early tetrapod fossil record, from about 320-270mya over the Carboniferous Rainforest Collapse, a period of enormous ecological upheaval.


Exploring outcomes for Panamanian tropical tree diversity

Panama’s tropical rainforests are some of the most biodiverse in the world. They are the site of an many ecological experiments on tree diversity. Can we use these experiments to understand what generates species richness? What do neutral models of ecology tell us about Panama’s rainforests and can we predict what will happen in the future? Stay tuned for more information coming soon.